Installation Overview

Installations of Delphix 5.0 and above include the Delphix Engine and the Delphix Masking Engine. Although both engines may be used on an installation, it is recommended to exclusively use one engine on an installation for optimal performance.

The combination of Delphix Virtualization and Masking enables additional features such as Selective Data Distribution.

An installation requires:

If you are unsure of which Delphix Masking Engine is right for you, please contact your Professional Services team or Delphix Support.

Delphix Masking Engine Installation

Every Delphix 5.0 and above engine includes the Delphix Masking Engine. Review and select the appropriate system requirements and installation file for your supported hypervisor below.  

System RequirementsFollow the Delphix Masking Engine System Requirements for VMwareFollow the Delphix Masking Engine System Requirements for AWS EC2
Installation Procedure

Follow the Procedure to install an AMI  for the AWS EC2 Platform.

Start the Delphix Masking Engine

  1. Connect to the CLI via SSH as sysadmin or with other system administrator credentials.
  2. Start the Delphix Masking Engine with: 
    system ; startMasking ; commit ; exit
  1. Connect to the Delphix Masking Engine at: http://<Delphix Engine IP or DNS name>:8282/dmsuite.
  2. Login as user delphix_admin and password Delphix_123.
  3. Change the delphix_admin and axistech password to a unique value for your installation.
    1. To change the password, go to the Admin tab.
    2. Click Users.
    3. Edit the delphix_admin user and axistech.
  4. Generate a unique secret key for your installation.
    1. In the Admin tab, click Users.
    2. Click Generate New Key.

Once your Delphix Masking Engine is installed and enabled, follow next steps, which include Prepare Data for Masking and Delphix Masking Engine Activities.

Next Steps

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