Enabling LDAP on the Delphix Masking Engine breaks the masking job communication to the Delphix Engine when used in a combined engine deployment. Combined engine deployments are support in Delphix version 5.0 and later. Enabling LDAP in the masking engine disables local account access – for example, delphix_admin. Critical faults will be thrown when the virtualization engine tries to access masking job information through the delphix_admin account by default.

Critical faults will appear when the following activity occurs: "Fetching all Masking Jobs from the local Delphix Masking Engine instance" followed by "Ldap authentication fail. Please enter valid Ldap user".

The solution is to enable user credentials suitable for the Delphix Engine to access the Delphix Masking Engine, by doing one of the following:

  1. Specify a suitable, existing LDAP account on the engine for access masking job info.
    1.  Log into the CLI using the delphix_admin credentials.

      ssh delphix_admin@yourengine
    2. Select maskingjob > serviceconfig > update.

      delphix > maskingjob
      delphix maskingjob > serviceconfig
      delphix maskingjob serviceconfig > update
    3. Set username. This must be an existing LDAP account username.

      delphix maskingjob serviceconfig update *> set username=<existing LDAP account>
    4. Set password.

      delphix maskingjob serviceconfig update *> set password=
    5. Commit the changes.

      delphix maskingjob serviceconfig update *> commit
  2. Add a delphix_admin account in LDAP.