Troubleshooting Delphix Connector Service

  • Check if the Delphix Connector service is available and running on the Staging Host. If it is not running, then start the service.
  • If the Delphix Connector service automatically shuts down or has restarting problems, kill the running java process started by Delphix connector and then retry starting the Delphix Connector Service.  
  • To access the Delphix Connector service, on the Staging Host, run:
      netstat | find '9100'
  • If there issues arise when installing the Delphix Connector, check and make sure that no service or application is already using the default port 9100. (netstat | find '9100')

Troubleshooting Delphix Connector Install

If you experience the following issues when re-installing the Delphix Connector refer to, Reinstall/Upgrade the Delphix Connector.

  • Delphix Connector service might disappear from service console.
  • Installation failing with unidentified service error.
  • Delphix connector upgrade failed.
  • Manually deleted Delphix Connector folder to try reinstalling.

If the issue persists follow one of the methods below to fix the Delphix Connector install. 

Note: If you manually deleted the Delphix Connector folder, then copy  the connector folder base directories from another server before attempting the below steps. Try to preserve the Delphix Connector log folder before deleting for further debugging.

Method One

  1. Manually delete the Delphix Connector service.

        sc delete “Delphix Connector"
  2. Copy the log folders from the Delphix Connector directory to another location for debugging purpose.

  3. Delete the connector folder.

  4. Reinstall the Delphix Connector service.

Method Two

  1. Manually register the Delphix Connector service.

    sc create DelphixConnector binpath= "D:\Program Files\Delphix\DelphixConnector\service\DelphixConnectorService.exe" DisplayName= "Delphix Connector" start= auto
  2. Uninstall the Delphix Connector or delete the service manually.

    sc delete “Delphix Connector"
  3. Copy the log folders from the Delphix Connector directory to another location for debugging purpose.

  4. Delete the folder.

  5. Reinstall the Delphix Connector.