This topic describes how to start, stop, and restart the Delphix Masking Engine.

Use cases for enabling, disabling and restarting the Delphix Masking Engine 

Enabling and disabling the Delphix Masking Engine might be required when performing:

  • The Delphix Masking Engine maintenance work
  • Backup and Restore

Restarting the Delphix Masking Engine may be required if: 

  • The Delphix Masking Engine is unreachable or unresponsive
  • A Masking Job is in an incorrect state
Disabling and Restarting the Delphix Masking Engine will terminate all running jobs - including Imports, Inventory Scans, Profiling and Masking Jobs etc.

Troubleshooting before Restart

If the Delphix Masking Engine is unreachable, the following should always be checked before a restart: 

  • Verify that the Engine is reachable over the network using ping.
  • If not reachable, it is a network issue.
  • Try a different browser. 
    If another browser works, clear the browser cache on the failed browser.

Verify that no jobs are running (unless the job should be terminated).

If root cause investigation is needed, please open a support case and upload a support bundle

Using the shell or putty, access the Masking Engine and login using the sysadmin user.  

The sysadmin password is the password set when the Engine was configured.

Example: Access CLI using ssh

ssh sysadmin@<yourEngine>

Using the command-line interface (CLI)

The CLI provides means to access information and execute commands on the Engine; one of these is start and stop of the Delphix Masking Engine. This is done using the system menu.

  1. At the CLI prompt, type system.
  2. At the system prompt, do one of the following, depending on what you want to do: 
    1. To enable the engine: type startMasking and then commit.
    2. To disable the engine: type stopMasking, and then commit.
    3. To restart the engine: type stopMasking, and commit, and then startMasking and commit.
  3. To exit the CLI, type exit.

  If the Delphix Masking Engine fails to start - it could be worth waiting a few minutes (2 min is enough) and then try stopMasking followed by startMasking again.

The startup failure could be because the masking service entered Maintenance Mode. You cannot clear  Maintenance Mode by entering startMasking; you must use be stopMasking followed by startMasking. If this fails, Delphix Support needs to investigate why the service failed.

Example - Restarting the Delphix Masking Engine

Below is an example of how to restart the Delphix Masking Engine using the CLI.

Example - using CLI

$ ssh sysadmin@yourEngine
yourEngine> system
yourEngine system> ls
startMasking  stopMasking
yourEngine system> stopMasking
yourEngine system stopMasking *> commit
yourEngine system> startMasking
yourEngine system startMasking *> commit
yourEngine system> exit
Connection to yourEngine closed

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