After you create an environment and connectors, you need to define a rule set.

Defining a Rule Set for a Database or File

  1. Click on the name of an Environment, and then click the Rule Set tab.

    The Rule Set screen appears.

  2. Click Create Rule Set to the upper right of the Rule Set screen.
    The Create Rule Set screen appears. This screen lets you specify which tables belong in the Rule Set.
    1. Enter a Name for your Rule Set.
    2. Select a Connector name from the dropdown.
    3. The list of tables/files for that connector appears.
    4. Click individual tables/file names in the list to the right to select them, or click Select All in the bottom left to select all the tables. Click Save.
    5. You are returned to the Rule Set screen.
  3. When you are finished, click Save.
  4. You may then need to define the Rule Set by modifying the table settings as described in Managing Rule Sets.

For example:

  • For a table, you may want to filter data from the table.
  • For a file, you must select a File Format to use. 

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