Delphix Masking is a Web application that you use within a browser window.

Starting Delphix Masking

  1. Enter your Delphix Masking URL into your client browser. This URL will be different depending on the type of installation you have deployed. To better understand the types of Masking Engine deployments, read the section "Before You Begin" in Delphix Masking Engine Quick Start Guide
    1. For the Standalone Masking Engine: http://<Masking Engine IP or DNS name>:8282/dmsuite
    2. For the Combined Delphix Engine and Masking Engine: http://<Delphix Engine IP or DNS name>:8282/dmsuite
  2. Enter your User Id and PasswordUser Id is not case-sensitive; Password is case-sensitive. If this is your first time logging in, the default Administrator is username delphix_admin, password Delphix_123
  3. Click Login.
    The Environments List/Summary screen appears. For detailed information about this screen, see The Environment List/Summary Screen
    The username appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. To log out of Delphix Masking, click Logout to the right of the username.

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