Masking Job Wizard

Securing your data through masking and/or tokenization requires going through a multi-step process - but that process just became much easier. Using the new Delphix Job Wizard a user can be guided through the process of defining a job, environment, connection, rule set, and inventory.  

To learn more about how you can use the masking wizard to quickly create masking jobs, see Masking Job Wizard.


The V5 API greatly expands the Delphix Masking Service's REST API endpoints. The V5 API now includes operations for most major functions, including:

  • Masking Job Creation and Management

  • Profiling Job Creation and Management

  • Environment Creation and Management

  • Connector Creation and Management

  • Ruleset Creation and Management

  • Inventory Creation and Management

In addition to these V5 API, a new API Client allows users to view all available operations and their parameters, test out specific commands, and easily copy and paste commands to write code that can automate your masking activity.

To learn how to use the API client to experiment with the new V5 API, see The Masking API Client.

Algorithm Sync

The new V5 API includes a set of operations that allow a user to synchronize Delphix Masking algorithms across engines. This allows your organization to more easily secure your sensitive data across the organization. Algorithms are synced in a way that ensures they perform in the same manner on all of your synced engines.

For more information on Algorithm Sync, see Managing Multiple Delphix Masking Engines.

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