Special Note

This release introduces the following improvements to Delphix Self-Service, previously known as Jet Stream.

Changes in the User Interface

Delphix Self-Service Landing Page Layout

When you login, the new landing page lists all available containers and templates.

The Delphix Self-Service landing page

You can sort columns or use the Search field to locate a specific container or template. Selecting a container takes you to its Timeline page, where you can do all Data Container Activities. To view a different container, return to the Delphix Self-Service landing page. For more information, see Navigating the Delphix Self Service Admin Interface.

Error Notifications

Error dialogs now show the underlying issues that caused an action to fail. Notifications display a list of all child actions that failed. With this information, you can more easily diagnose the cause of an error or provide information to your Delphix Admin to help them diagnose the problem.

For more information on when and where you might see errors, see Data Container Activities.

Operation Retry

This feature provides better support for Delphix Self-Service containers with many data sources. It allows automatically retrying sources that fail during a Delphix Self-Service operation such as refreshing, restoring, or creating a branch.

To make operations on data containers more robust, Delphix Self-Service supports automatically retrying failed sources during data operations. You can specify a maximum number of retry attempts so that if an operation fails on any individual data source within a data container, it will be automatically retried until it succeeds, or until the retry limit is reached.

Automatic retry applies to any Delphix Self-Service operation that changes the data in the data container, such as Refresh, Restore, Reset, or Create Branch. This setting can be especially useful in scenarios where there are a large number of sources in a data container, and some sources fail to update the first time. If the reason for the failures was intermittent, automatic retry may allow the sources that failed to succeed, and the operation can still complete successfully. The default number of retry attempts is 1.

To change the number of automatic retries:

  1. Click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.
  3. In the field Automatically retry data sources..., enter a new maximum; alternatively, use the arrows to increase or decrease the number.
  4. Click Save.

You can set a maximum number of retries per source. To change the number of retries:

  1. Click the user menu in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Edit Automatically retry data sources that fail...
  4. Click Save.

Settings in the user drop-down menu

For a full description of how to navigate within Delphix Self-Service, see Navigating the Delphix Self Service Admin Interface.


forceOption is an API/CLI-only feature. Generally, if a source database is corrupted or otherwise prevents taking VDB snapshots, the Refresh, Reset, and Restore actions cannot be completed. With forceOption, you can bypass taking a pre-operation screenshot and proceed with the desired action.

Because forceOption does not take a snapshot of the VDB before refreshing/resetting/restoring, you cannot undo the operation afterward.

For more context on when you might use forceOption, see Data Container Activities.

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