For Oracle Users, Version 5.2 introduces some valuable new features.

Provisioning virtual pluggable databases (vPDBs) into virtual container databases (vCDBs)

For details of the procedures, see Provisioning an Oracle Virtual Pluggable Database. Provision of a vPDB into a vCDB allows customization of the vCDB database parameters. You can also apply VDB Configuration Template to the vCDB during provisioning.

Detach and Attach pluggable database dSource

You can Detach and Attach a pluggable database dSource. This is useful for Delphix to continue to synchronize with the PDB dSource that is in a DataGuard configuration, if you want to change linking the PDB dSource from a different DataGuard Primary or Standby CDB site. It can also be used to allow Delphix to follow a PDB dSource that is unplugged from a CDB and plugged into another CDB. See Detaching and Re-attaching a 12c PDB dSource.

Attach dSource (for all versions of Oracle dSources) from the GUI

In previous releases, the CLI was used to issue an Attach of an Oracle dSource. The new Delphix Management application now supports the Attach feature.

VDB AutoRestart is available for 12c multitenant vPDB that is provisioned into a vCDB

If you use the new 12c provisioning option to provision a vPDB into a vCDB, you can configure the vCDB to be auto restartable after the target host is rebooted. The setting can be changed during the vPDB provisioning workflow, or after the vCDB is provisioned. See Automatic VDB Restart on Target Server After Reboot.

Removal of 32 bit glibc dependency

The Delphix Engine now supports remote hosts with 32-bit or 64-bit glibc libraries. 32-bit glibc no longer has to be installed on Exadata systems. For existing systems, the first Host Refresh after the upgrade will detect the type of libraries. 

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