As shown in the screenshot below the new Dashboard screen provides important information at a glance. 

Dashboard panels

Dataset Performance. Click View to go to the main more detailed Dataset Performance screen.

    • The dotted line at the top represents your maximum network throughput.
    • To identify which dataset a line represents, hover over it.

Storage Capacity. Click View to go to the main more detailed Storage Capacity screen.

    • Provides a quick view of total/available storage.

Faults. A list of recent faults that may require your attention. Select the View link to navigate to the Faults screen.

Quick Links to facilitate common actions, such as adding an environment, dSource, or group.

A breakdown of how many of each type of object you have: Environments, dSources, VDBs, and vFiles.

    • Provides a quick view of the number of Environments, VDBs, dSources, and Vfiles on your engine.
    • Clicking VDBsdSources, or vFiles will take you to the Datasets screen, which will automatically display the details of the dataset at the top of the list.
    • Clicking the Environments box will take you to the Environments page.