User actions are located on the top-right corner of the Dataset screens, the available actions depend on whether you selected a dSource or VDB.

dSource User Actions

The following actions are available for dSources:

    • The camera icon  allows you to take a snapshot of the dSource.
    • The Actions (...) menu provides further options:
      • Disable
      • Upgrade
      • Unlink dSource
      • Convert to LiveSource
      • Delete

VDB User Actions

 The following actions are available for VDBs:

    • The camera icon  allows you to take a snapshot of the VDB.
    •  The Refresh VDB icon  allows you to refresh a VDB. Note: You cannot refresh a dataset that is in use by a Jet Stream (Delphix Self-Service) container.
    • The Start icon  allows you to start a VDB.
    • The Stop icon  allows you to stop a VDB.
    • The Actions (...) menu provides further options:
      • Undo Refreh or Rewind
      • Disable
      • Upgrade
      • Migrate
      • Delete

Refreshing a VDB from a Point in Time

When you refresh a VDB, a popup window now displays showing where data is coming from. This helps with visualizing the flow of data within your organization. Times when the VDB has been refreshed are marked by a blue line between dates.

To refresh a VDB:

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Datasets.
  4. Select the VDB you want to refresh.
  5. Click the Refresh VDB button.
  6. Select More Accurate and Next.
  7. From the Filter menu select A point in time, then select the  icon and select your date and time.

  8. Click Find, the selected a point in time (for example Nov 10, 7:31:00 AM ) will be highlighted.
  9. Click Next, then click Submit to confirm.