Delphix uses the DSP protocol to communicate between primary and replication engines.

  1. Login to Delphix Engine using a Delphix administrator account such as delphix_admin
  2. Click the Resource menu and select Network Performance Tool.
  3. Select the Delphix Session Protocol option.
    1. Select Engine option to run DSP test between a primary engine and replication engine.
    2. Provide hostname or IP address of replication engine.
    3. Provide credentials for the replication engine.
    4. Enter a Duration in seconds (30 default).
    5. Enter Block Size in bytes.
    6. Enter Number of Connections (optional).
    7. Provide Queue Depth.
    8. Select the Direction – Transmit or Receive.
    9. Select Traffic Options (optional).
    10. Click the Run Test button.
  4. View the test results.

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