Delphix uses the HANA inbuilt replication functionality to ingest data and stay in sync with the source database. A snapshot is taken of the staging server and the snapshot can be provisioned out to one or more target servers.

A golden image for HANA v2.0.0 is available on DCOA. This image has been certified for both the SUSE and RHEL. Network and hostname changes need to be made to adapt this image to a new box. Create an environment using the image and apply the changes to adapt the environment requirements for both network and hostname.

For both dsource and snapshot creation, the source system is required to manually time to time place the file and log based backups at a zfs mounted staging path. The staging will generate a timestamp and read the corresponding data and log backups to be used for recovery.

A HANA instance can be added as an “environment” in the Delphix Engine. When you add an environment with the Delphix Admin application, the HANA instance on the host is automatically discovered by Delphix. This is an important step as Delphix requires that an empty instance be available on the host to be used as either staging or target.