There may be situations in which you want to migrate a virtual pluggable database (vPDB) to a new container database on the same or a different target environment, for example when upgrading the host on which the vPDB resides, or as part of a general data center migration. This is easily accomplished by first disabling the vPDB, then using the Migrate vPDB feature to select a new container database.

The current release only supports migrating from a vPDB in a linked CDB, to another linked CDB. It does not allow migrating from a vPDB in a virtual CDB, to another linked or virtual CDB.


You should already set up and have Delphix discover a container database in the same environment as the vPDB currently is or from an environment to which the vPDB will be migrated to.


Login to your Delphix Management application using Delphix Admin credentials.

  1. Click Manage.
  2. Select Datasets.
  3. Select the vPDB you want to migrate.
  4. From the Actions menu (...) select Disable.
  5. Click Disable to confirm.
  6. From the Actions menu (...) select Migrate
  7. Select the new container database for the vPDB, the user for that environment, and the database installation where the container database of the vPDB will reside.
  8. Click the Migrate to confirm your selections.
  9. From the Actions menu (...) select Enable.
  10. Click Enable to confirm.
    Your vPDB will re-start in the new environment, and you can continue to work with it as you would any other vPDB.

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