The Delphix Free Trial features our Jet Stream data self service product, and uses an Oracle Application Express based project management application as an example. After registering for the trial, you should receive an email with credentials to a production, development, and QA instance of the example application.

Delphix Overview

Delphix enables significant business outcomes by transforming how companies manage data in applications, databases, and file systems.

Note on branding and logos: Delphix is currently going through a period of rebranding which includes changing our logos and user interface. Currently, our free trial uses an older version of our logos. However, they will be changed and updated by the end of the year.

Free Trial Playbook

The Delphix Free Trial is separated into four sections that demonstrate the value Delphix provides! This playbook will guide you through the steps necessary to see the value Delphix can provide your team.

Free Trial Credentials

Throughout the trial, you will be using login credentials for several application environments: production, development, QA. We also provide user logins for the Delphix application as a development user and a QA user. Please refer to this table for all login credentials throughout the free trial.

EnvironmentLogin Credentials
Production Application

login: admin

password: Production01!

Development Application

login: admin

password: Delphix01!

Development Studio

login: dev

password: Delphix01!

QA Application

login: admin

password: Delphix01!

QA Studio

login: qa

password Delphix01!

Delphix Development

login: dev

password: Delphix01!

Delphix QA

login: qa

password: Delphix01!

Preliminary Phase: Signing up for the Trial

After filling out the form on our website, we will automatically build a complete demo environment for you, and then send you an email with links to your new environments. We will also provide you with a link back to this document, which contains the credentials and configuration steps for these environments.

Follow the steps included in the email confirmation, and you are ready to begin the Delphix Free Trial! 

The links to each chapter below provide a detailed step-by-step guide to successfully completing the trial.

Chapter 1: Rapidly Refresh Applications

In this chapter, we demonstrate the ability of Delphix to quickly refresh the data in your non-production applications. By showing data in an older state on a development instance, and then walking the developer through the steps needed to perform a refresh within Delphix, we see just how easily and rapidly Delphix allows users to refresh applications.

Chapter 2: Upgrade Against Real Production Data

In this chapter, we showcase how Delphix can allow developers and operations to test upgrades with the most fresh, 'production-like' data on their development environments. By testing and performing upgrades on the latest data, we ensure that there are no cases where stale data causes breaks later in the software development lifecycle.

Chapter 3: Reduce Data-Related Defects in Development

In this chapter, you will be modifying your application via Oracle Application Express environment. With Delphix, you can develop against full datasets, and then bookmark and share your application environments with just the click of a button! With fast refresh times and access to the latest data, developers are enabled to be significantly more productive and improve quality by reducing data-related defects.

Chapter 4: Shift Testing Left with Full Pristine Data Sets

In this chapter, we simulate a scenario where a development user's new feature causes the QA testing to fail. With Delphix, engineering teams can branch and restore to specific states of data to easily ensure the most accurate data is being made available to the right people at the right time. With a click of a button, application data is restored in moments to a test-ready state so that tests are always run with pristine data sets.