Best Practices


  1. ARCHIVELOG must be enabled: select log_mode from v$database.

  2. FORCE LOGGING should be enabled to ensure VDBs are not missing data. When NOLOGGING redo is applied during provision, the resulting VDB will be missing changes. Tables with NOLOGGING changes will throw corruption errors when scanned.
  3. Block Change Tracking should be enabled to minimize snapsync time.

  4. Consult the documentation for Oracle Standby sources.

  5. If the database is encrypted with Oracle TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) plan your Delphix storage requirements with the expectation of minimal compression. Customer Observation: space usage for a TDE dSource copy was 92% (2.44 TB) of the source database size (2.67 TB).  A typical Oracle dSource copy for a non-TDE database consumes 40% of the source database size.

SQL Server

  1. FULL vs SIMPLE recovery mode trade-off.

  2. The maximum size of an MSSQL database that can be linked is 256TB for Windows versions greater than 2003.
    The limit is 2TB for Windows 2003. (See Linking a SQL Server dSource)