Connectivity issues can be caused by one of the following:

Connectivity between the Delphix Engine and Target/Staging Host

  1. Ping the Delphix Engine from the Target/Staging Host.
  2. Check if the Delphix Connector service is available on the Staging/Target Host and that it is running. If it is not running, then start the service.
  3. Are you able to start the Delphix Connector service successfully? If not, on Staging/Target Host run netstat | find '9100".
  4. Find the application/process that is running on port 9100 and kill it. Try restarting Delphix Connector service.

Connectivity between the Staging and Source Server

When you experience connectivity issues between the Delphix Engine and the Source Server execute the steps below to verify connectivity.

  1. Ping the Source Server IP Address from the Staging Server. (Staging Server acts as a proxy for the Source Server)
  2. Make sure Delphix Connector service is available on the Staging Host and running successfully. 
  3. Then try to connect to the staging server from source server through telnet.  (e.g. C:>telnet StagingIPAddress 9100)
  4. Check if Windows firewall is running on the Source Server? If it is running, make sure that the proper ports are open. For more information refer to Network Access Requirements for SQL Server.
  5. If the Source and Staging Host belong to a different domain then add the Source domain to the Staging Host file. 
    Add the Source hostname to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on the proxy host(ppt).
    Add the source domain to the domain search list on proxy host windows network configuration.
  6. If SQL browser service is disabled on source SQL server, then create an alias on the source server using SQL network configuration manager. 

Connectivity between Delphix and Source Server

  • Ping the Delphix Engine from the Source Server.
  • Check if the Source Host and Delphix Engine belong to the same domain. If not then add the source domain to Delphix platform DNS configuration. You can provide multiple domains to search for (example:,,  

Testing Backup Share Connectivity

  • Login into the Staging Host using staging your AD account. Open Windows Explorer and check if you can access backup share.
  • If the step above fails then give read permission to the Staging AD account on the backup share.

  • Open SSMS and login using your delphix_staging domain account. Run the following commands:

exec xp_cmdshell 'dir \\server\share\'

  • If the previous step fails, then check your backup share permission for the Staging Host SQL Service account.