Very high CPU  is observed no PPT/Target host:

An advanced security policy is triggering dozens or hundreds of events written to the event log per second about iSCSI activity being allowed, flooding the CPU of the Staging or Target Host. If you are ok with CPU spikes no need for additional action. If not, change the Security Policy to off.

The Security Policy is located in: Local Security Policy > Advanced Audit Policy Configuration > System Audit Policies>Object Access>Audit Filtering Platform Connection

The Security Policy by default is set to off, however sometimes antivirus programs (specifically Symantec Endpoint Protection and McAfee) may be enabling it for intrusion detection. Please discuss turning off the Security Policy with your internal security team.

VDB is not accessible or working.

A VDB can at times experience the following issues:

  • VDB not accessible because it is in one of the following states; VDB getting into offline mode unexpectedly, recovery pending state, suspect mode
  • VDB non-functional because it is shown unexpectedly on the SQL side to be in a disabled mode
  • VDB not accessible because of device not ready error. For example, the operating system returned error 21 (The device is not ready.) to SQL Server during a read at offset 0x00001257bee000 in file

The above issues can occur when one of the following is true:

  • Resource constrained at target server level – for example, CPU 100% or zero memory
  • Network connectivity issues between the Delphix Engine and targets.
  • Sporadic network hiccups causing packet loss between Delphix Engine and target.
  • Heavy IO storage latency leading to VDB timeouts.
  • iSCSI mount slowness due to heavy load. Heavy load could be both on target or the Delphix Engine
  • Any performance issues at ESX level (Storage vMotion can easily lead to hiccups and impact performance leading to disruption)

Anytime you face these issues the first steps should be to open the Environments page and refresh the Target Host having issues. If the refresh fails, wait for few minutes and retry the refresh. After a successful refresh try the below options.

Option 1:

  • Disable the VDB from the Delphix GUI
  • Enable the VDB from the Delphix GUI

Option 2: If previous option fails