By default, the Delphix Engine allows both HTTP and HTTPS web connections. The following steps provide instructions on how to change their configuration:

  1. Via CLI, login to the Delphix Engine as a system administrator (sysadmin).
  2. Go to "service > httpConnector".
  3. Initiate an update. 
  4. Set "httpMode" to the desired value among:
    1. "BOTH": accepts HTTP and HTTPS connections (this is the default)
    2. "HTTPS_ONLY": accepts only HTTPS connections
    3. "HTTP_ONLY": accepts only HTTP connections
    4.  "HTTP_REDIRECT": accepts HTTPS connections and redirects HTTP connections to HTTPS
  5. Commit the Change. The Delphix web application will restart.

The following is an example of how to set the Delphix Engine to accept HTTPS connections and redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS.

cd /service/httpConnector
set httpMode=HTTP_REDIRECT