This topic describes how to use the command line interface to link a SQL Server database by loading from the last full backup of the source database.


Enter the following commands in the Delphix Engine command line interface:


set type=MSSqlLinkParameters;

set container.type=MSSqlDatabaseContainer;
set<dSource name>;
set<group name>;
set container.sourcingPolicy.loadFromBackup=true;

set source.type=MSSqlLinkedSource;
set source.config=<source database>;
set source.sharedBackupLocation="<source database backup location>";
set pptRepository=<SQL instance on the staging server>;
set container.sourcingPolicy.type=SourcingPolicy;

set dbUser=<source database login with SQL authentication>;

set dbCredentials.type=PasswordCredential;
set dbCredentials.password=<password for the database login>;