This topic describes the process for returning the Delphix Engine  to "factory default" settings. This completely removes all DATA and CONFIGURATION.


It is recommend to shut down and remove all VDBs before resetting the Delphix Engine. Failure to do so could possibly lead to stale data mounts in target environments. (NFS, for *nix environments, or iSCSI I/O errors in Windows environments) For the same reason, disable all dSources that use pre-provisioning (all SQL Server dSources, and any Oracle dSources with validated sync enabled).

Use Factory Reset only when a complete reset and reconfiguration of the Delphix Engine is necessary, as all Delphix Engine objects will be de-allocated


  1. Connect to the Delphix Setup application (e.g. http://DelphixEngine/login/index.html#serverSetup, or http://DelphixEngine/ and select "Server Setup")
  2. Login as sysadmin or with other system administrator credentials.
  3. From the actions menu, click  Factory Reset from the menu.
  4. Confirm Factory Reset.

Alternative procedure via Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. Connect to the CLI via SSH
  2. Login as sysadmin or with other system administrator credentials.
  3. "system ; factoryReset ; commit ; exit"