New Features

Delphix now supports HANA 2.0 SP02 MDC environments (SYSTEM DB with single tenant).

Toolkit Installation

Toolkits to support HANA virtualization are not automatically included in the Virtualization Engine deployment and are installed by Delphix Professional Services or Technical Support. A Support case can be opened requesting installation by following this link.

Migration and Compatibility

Supported DBMS Versions

  • HANA Platform Edition 1.0 SP12

  • HANA Platform Edition 2.0 SP02

Supported Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

  • S.u.S.E Linux

Supported Operating Systems

  • 64-bit OS support only
  • Support for x86-based systems only

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 

Supported DBMS Version

HANA 1.0 SPS12 HANA 2.0 SP02

Supported OS Version
RHEL 7.0SupportedNot Supported
RHEL 7.1SupportedNot Supported
RHEL 7.2SupportedSupported
RHEL 7.3SupportedSupported
RHEL 7.4SupportedSupported

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)

Supported DBMS Version

HANA 1.0 SPS12HANA 2.0 SP02

 Supported OS Version
SLES 12 SP3SupportedSupported

Delphix Engine Toolkit Compatibility 

Delphix Engine VersionHANA_1.0 SPS 12HANA 2.0 SP02

Unsupported HANA Versions and Features

  • V2P is not supported with this release.

  • If the logs creation process has been disabled explicitly then the replication will not work.

  • XSEngine should not be installed on the HANA DB.

  • HANA License should be installed on source.

  • Delphix Self-Service is not supported with 1.1.2 toolkit release.

Known Issues



If there are two VDBs present in the Delphix Engine, where one is incorrect and the other one is correct, then on deleting the incorrect VDB, the correct VDB will also be stopped.

On the target host delete the vdb_exists file from the path below:



Correct VDB will stop if we delete incorrect VDB from Delphix Engine.

Start the VDB again.
CTCHANA-678No Error message is observed when trying to create a VDB with a special character.Remove the special character and proceed with VDB creation.