This topic describes how to set quotas for database objects.


  1. Log into the Delphix Management application.
  2. Select Resources > Capacity.
  3. In the Quotas column, click next to the group or object for which you want to set a quota.
  4. In the Quota Policy window enter the amount of storage space you want to allocate for a quota.
  5. Click Create to set the amount.

Quotas and Low Space Errors

Be very careful setting quotas. As a group or virtual database (VDB) approaches the quota level, snapshots may fail and logs may not be captured, causing LogSync to fail. If quotas prevent logs from being written to snapshots, or if a low space condition arises, the Delphix Engine will halt.

When a low space condition arises, the Delphix Engine will generate an Out of Space error message. If you do not correct the low space condition, the server will enter Maintenance Mode. This will disable all SnapSyncs, LogSyncs, and growth of VDBs, including VDB archive logs. If the situation is severe enough, it may require the assistance of Delphix Support to recover the system.

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