All versions of VMware tools are compatible with all versions of the VMware ESX server. There is no need to install, upgrade, or change the VMware tools running on Delphix Engine.

If you are running 4.0.x or newer you will see this message when checking VMware tools:

How Delphix Engine Uses VMware Tools

There are several components of VMware Tools, but not all of the VMware Tools functions are used by the Delphix Engine. For example, a feature that manages mouse control for VMware guests is not used because the Delphix console is text only. Components that are used by Delphix include:

  • Paravirtualized network driver (vmxnet3)
  • Time synchronization with the ESX server
  • VM toolbox (shutdown of Delphix Engine from vSphere client)
The Delphix Engine does not have a strong dependency on VMware Tools. The most significant component is the para-virtualized network driver, which offers improved performance and interoperability with high-speed networks such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet.