Toolkit Size and Predicted Growth:

Each of the clients that run from the client side toolkit generates their own logs. Each client generates 4 different log files, one for each level of logging - info, trace, debug, error. Each level of logging is restricted to a maximum of 10 logfiles and these logfiles are capped at 10MB each. Therefore, Delphix will consume a maximum of 400MB per client side application. On Source server, there are currently two commonly run client side applications, SnapSyncClient and the Delphix Connector (V2P also generates its own logs so if the customer intends to V2P to the source they should account for an additional 400MB in their upper bound).

Thus, the max amount of growth for the toolkit from logging is 800MB without V2P (or 1.2GB with V2P).

Linking additional dSources does not impact the size of the toolkit on production (aside from the log messages generated during linking which is accounted for the in calculation above).

On the target server, unlike Source server, there would be only one client – Delphix Connector, which would occupy around 400 MB maximum storage space. In addition, Delphix pushes new scripts each time a VDB is provisioned which requires < 1MB space.

Therefore the maximum space occupied by the toolkit directory on Source server is its initial size ( ~ 400MB) + 800MB = 1.2 GB. While on target server, the maximum toolkit size is initial size (~ 400MB) + 400 MB + Number of VDBs * 1MB.

Cleaning Up

For each app, such as Snapsync, Delphix does not trim logs that are simply old as long as Delphix has not reached the end of the circular log buffers.