This topic describes how to regenerate the registration code for a Delphix Engine. Delphix strongly recommends that you regenerate this code and re-register the engine regularly to maximize the Support Security of the Delphix Engine. Delphix recommends doing this every six months.


Why does regenerating registration codes increase security? The registration code contains an encrypted key that only Delphix can decrypt. This key is unique for each engine. Delphix uses this key to generate one-time authentication codes that authorized Support personnel can use to log into the engine during support sessions. Like any other keys in cryptographic security, the best practice is to rotate this key regularly.


  1. Log into the CLI (command-line interface) of the Delphix Engine with the sysadmin credentials.
  2. Type /registration/regenerate and hit enter.
  3. Type commit and hit enter. After a few seconds, the new code will be displayed.
  4. Re-register the engine with this new code.

Failing to re-register the Delphix Engine after regenerating the registration code may prevent Support personnel from accessing the engine. In such a case, a support session cannot begin until the engine has been re-registered with the new registration code.