This topic describes how to retrieve the registration code for a Delphix Engine. We strongly recommend that you perform registration as a part of Delphix Engine setup. However, you can also retrieve the registration code for a Delphix Engine after setup.


  1. You can retrieve the Delphix Engine Registration Code through the Delphix Setup application after logging in with the sysadmin credentials.
  2. In the Registration panel, click View.
  3. The Registration Code is displayed in the bottom half of the Registration window.
  4. If your local machine is connected to the external Internet, you can auto-register the Delphix Engine:
    1. Enter your Support Username and Support Password.
    2. Click Register
  5. If external connectivity is not immediately available, you must register manually.
    1. Copy the Delphix Engine registration code by either manually highlighting and copying to clipboard or clicking Copy Registration Code to Clipboard.
    2. Transfer the Delphix Engine's registration code to a location with an external network connection. For example, you could e-mail the registration code to an externally accessible e-mail account.
    3. On a machine with external network access, use your browser to navigate to the Delphix Registration Portal at
    4. Login with your support credentials.
    5. Paste the Registration Code.
    6. Click Register.
While your Delphix Engine will work without registration, we strongly recommend that you register each Delphix Engine as part of setup. Failing to register the Delphix Engine will impact its supportability and security in future versions.


  • Following registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming the registration of your Delphix Engine.