Once you have uploaded an upgrade version, verified the upgrade, optionally reviewed the warnings in the Impact of Upgrade section, scheduled downtime pertaining to the type of upgrade you are performing, you can apply the upgrade.

  1. Login to the Delphix Setup application.
  2. In the Upgrade Images panel, click View.
  3. On the left-hand side, select the version to which you will be upgrading.
  4. Click Apply Upgrade to initiate the upgrade process.

The upgrade will run in the background. You can view the progress of the upgrade in the Action sidebar .  Only the current system admin user can view the progress.

The status of the upgrade will be visible on the screen - if the upgrade is successful, the page will be redirected to the login view.

If the upgrade fails, the appliance will rollback to the version running prior to the upgrade. The version page will show the new version in an UPLOADED state and the Action sidebar will show that a rollback was performed. If automatic rollback was disabled through the CLI (not advised), you will have to contact support to proceed further, since you may not even be able to log in to the Delphix Engine.