If Upgrade has failed to quiesce a dataset, it will pause and you will see the following banner at the top of the Upgrade page:

While the upgrade is paused, datasets which have been quiesced are unavailable until you either roll back or continue the upgrade.

To review the list of failures, open the Report tab:

The datasets listed in the report were identified as having issues which prevented them from being quiesced, and may not be available after the upgrade is complete. Review the messages in the report and take the suggested corrective actions.

If you think that the errors may be the result of transient failures, you can click Retry to try again. Otherwise, it is recommended that you manually quiesce datasets that are still running. To do so:

  1. Use a different browser or use an incognito window to go to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Either resolve issues such as a wrong password, or stop the dataset using Force Disable.
  3. In the original browser or window, click Retry to try applying the upgrade again.

If you want to ignore the failures to quiesce datasets and proceed with the upgrade:

  1. Click Continue Upgrade. This will attempt to quiesce all datasets which have not yet been quiesced, but will not pause on failures.

    This may result in datasets remaining unavailable after the upgrade is complete and the Delphix Engine restarts, since the underlying storage that backs the datasets will be unreachable during the upgrade. This may cause the databases or applications to fail over or transition to a failure state, thus requiring administrator intervention to recover.

  2. Review the messages in the report and take the suggested corrective actions.
  3. If any of the listed datasets are critical, and you are unable to resolve the configuration errors in the report, you can Rollback the upgrade. If you choose Rollback, all changes will be reversed, upgrade will end, and the Delphix Engine will be in the state it was in before you started the upgrade.

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