After the upgrade is done, you will be redirected back to the login page.

Login to Delphix Setup to make sure that upgrade succeeded and that the new version is running. If upgrade failed, the appliance will have automatically rolled back and the APPLY job will be marked as failed.

A post upgrade cleanup job is run automatically after upgrade (or rollback) is done. This job refreshes environments and re-enables sources to bring objects back into a working state.

VDB Access

For a full upgrade, VDB access will not be available at all until the environments have been refreshed and the objects are re-enabled by the job Perform cleanup tasks following a Delphix Engine upgrade.

For an application-only or deferred upgrade, access to VDB data will not be interrupted during the upgrade window, but VDB operations through the Delphix Management application will still not be available until this job has refreshed all environments. This may take a while. You can monitor progress in the Jobs view or Action sidebar.


If you used Continue Upgrade to force the upgrade as is described in Failure to Quiesce a Dataset, the Report tab will contain the list of pre-upgrade quiesce failures. Upgrade will make a best effort to restore functionality to these datasets, but it may still hit the same errors that prevented the datasets from being quiesced successfully before upgrade. You may need to manually bring up these datasets on the target hosts.

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