Before you begin the upgrade process, contact Delphix Support to perform some pre-checks.

Scheduling Downtime

If a new version of the operating system is included in the new Delphix version, then your Delphix Engine will automatically disable all VDBs and dSources during the upgrade process in order to safely reboot to the new version. This will only happen if a new version of the OS is being installed. To determine if an upgrade will result in a reboot and VDB downtime, compare the OS version in the currently-running Delphix version with the OS version in the newly-uploaded Delphix version to which you will be upgrading. The OS version is included in the version details displayed in the System Setup application's System Upgrade Management screen.

If the OS will not be updated as part of the upgrade, then the upgrade process will have no impact on the availability of VDBs, and you do not need to schedule any downtime for your VDB applications.

If the OS will be updated as part of the upgrade, then you should schedule appropriate downtime for your VDB applications. The Delphix Engine will automatically disable VDBs and dSources during upgrade. The length of downtime will be proportional to the number of VDBs.

Longrunning jobs including replication and SnapSync will fail during any upgrade.

The upgrade file for the version to which you want to upgrade should be downloaded from the 
Delphix download site.

Delphix Upgrade images are approximately 3GB in size; it is recommended to have both a fast internet connection to the Delphix download site as well as to the Delphix Engine.

The upgrade image should be downloaded or moved to a location accessible to the computer used for navigating the Delphix Management application.

For example, if we want to upgrade to, you would need to download the following files:

  1. “”

  2. “”

The first file is the actual upgrade file. The contents of the second text file is used to verify the MD5 hash value of the actual upgrade file. For instructions on using the md5sum file, see Verifying the Downloaded Upgrade Image.

Delphix Engines can only perform replication to engines on the same version; it is recommended to upgrade all engines in a replication group at the same time. Upgrading a replication source or target without upgrading its replication peers will cause replication between those peers to fail.

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