The EBS Plugin is provided as a zip file on the Delphix download site. Follow the steps below to download the plugin:

  1. In the web browser, go to the Delphix download site.
  2. Login to the download site using email and password credentials. 
  3. Navigate to the required version number of Delphix Engine.
  4. Go to the Plugins> EBS> Toolkit_EBS_<version_number>for_<EBS12.1/12.2>.zip folder, download the zip file, unzip it, and copy both the .json files at your preferred location. 

    For a particular version of the EBS plugin, there are two .json files that will be downloaded and the same would be uploaded while installing or upgrading the plugin. Also, note that you need to upload these .json files in sequential order. For example, for EBS12.2 2.0.1 plugin version you need to upload ebs122-db2.0.1.json first and then ebs122-app2.0.1.json.

    For plugin upgrade and installation steps, refer to Delphix Engine Toolkit Management. Also, refer to EBS Support Matrix for upgrade paths.