This page offers a brief summary of the new features for the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform. For more details, see the links in the tables below.

Summary of 5.3 Major New Features

Following are the major new features introduced in the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform.

Major New Features


What's New

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Continued User Experience Improvements

  • Delphix now provides an end-to-end Provision VDB wizard that allows you to pick a dSource or VDB, choose a snapshot or point in time, then provision a VDB all within a single flow. The Data objects list has also been redesigned, making it easier for users to understand at a glance which datasets belong in which groups.  
  • User terminology for "Delphix Admin" has been changed to "Engine Admin".

User Interface Enhancements

Delphix Virtualization User Interface

  • Job Sync: Users are able to specify the masking jobs they would like to synchronize, this includes all of the necessary connectors and rulesets. In addition, users are able to easily synchronize universal settings (including algorithms, domains, and more).

  • Masking APIs: In the 5.3 release, we have introduced APIs for Users & Roles and Algorithms. This builds on the Masking APIs for managing jobs, environments, profiling, etc. that were part of the 5.2 release.

What's New for Masking Engines

Masking Documentation
Splunk IntegrationThe Delphix Virtualization Engine supports integration directly with Splunk to send logs, events, and metrics to your Splunk instance. This integration will help you monitor and understand the health of your Delphix Engines using one of the most popular application monitoring tools.What's New for Splunk IntegrationSplunk Integration

Summary of 5.3 Additional New Features

Following are several additional new features and enhancements introduced to the Delphix Engine version 5.3.

Additional New Features


What’s New

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Expanded Self-Service ControlAdded the ability for Delphix self-service users to restore to points prior to when a Self-service template was initially created. This allows increased control and flexibility for end users who want access to all the data that exist in their containers.Understanding Timelines and How to Preserve Data in a Point in Time
SQL Server Manual DiscoverySupport for the manual discovery of single-instance SQL Server database hosts. Manual Discovery for SQL Server Instances
Toolkit ManagementAdded the ability to edit toolkits using Toolkit Management via the Delphix Management interface eliminating the use of scripts.Toolkit Management