In prior releases, wizards were displayed as a modal dialog on top of another screen hiding the real estate of the screen behind it. In 5.3 all the wizard screens are more spacious covering the entire screen, thus letting users focus on the task at hand.

New End to End Provision VDB Wizard

In 5.3 Delphix now provides a new end to end provisioning wizard, which means users do not have to select a dsource and then pick a point-in-time to provision from. With this new wizard, you can complete all the VDB provisioning tasks from one location. The following steps provide an example of  the new VDB wizard:

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Select Manage > Datasets.
  3. Click the plus icon.
  4. Select Provision VDB.
    The Preparation screen provides an overview of what you will need to do.
  5. Select Next to Continue.
    The Source screen allows users to select a dSource or VDB to provision from.
  6. Select Next to Continue.
  7. In the Provision Point screen, users can select to provision from a Snapshot, a Point in time, or System Change Number (SCN).
  8. In this example, we want to provision from a Point in Time so we will select More Accurate and then select Next.
  9. In the Point in Time screen users can select a specific point in time or open a log file and then make their selection. This works just as it always has.
  10. Once you have made your selections click Next.
  11. From this point on the Provision VDB wizard steps have not changed.