This topic describes how to edit attributes of an environment such as name, host address, ssh port, or toolkit path, as well as describing more advanced attributes for specific data platforms.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Environments.
  4. In the Environments panel, click the name of an environment to view its attributes.
  5. Next to Attributes, click the Pencil icon to edit an attribute.
  6. Click the Check icon to save your edits.

Common Editable Attributes

Environment Users

The users for that environment. These are the users who have permission to ssh into an environment or access the environment through the Delphix Connector. For more information on the environment user requirements, see the Requirements topics for specific data platforms.

Host AddressThe IP address of the environment host.
SSH PortThe SSH port number used for the environment.
Toolkit Path

The toolkit path for the environment. In DB2 DB level toolkit, we are using toolkit path for logs, mount points and keeping lib files. The structure will be as below:-

  • For Mount points : <toolkit dir>/DB2/mnts/<env user>/<DB Name>/<env user>

  • For logs : <toolkit dir>/DB2/logs/<env user>

  • For code :<toolkit dir>/DB2/code/<env user>

NotesAny other information you want to add about the environment