As shown below the Datasets container list has been updated to improve readability.

 Ability to filter is visually less noisy providing users with the ease of use.

Visually more organized with the ability to Expand All or Collapse All.
        Expand All expands the available environments where Collapse All, provides only the top level environments and without the details.

 Indents reinforce hierarchy.

Introduced new icons: For example, the dSource icon has now been changed. 

   Solid database icon that represents the connection to the physical database and the waves reflect projection.

   VDB icons have been modified to become more open and lighter.

  Icons for physical databases have also been updated to be lighter and more open.

The icons located at the top of each page have also been cleaned up and made lighter.

Error bars (red and yellow) have been replaced with new icons that tell users an error needs to be addressed.

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