Follow this procedure if you are installing a new Delphix Engine. If you want to enable SSO on an already configured engine, see Existing Engine configuration.

  1. Connect to the Delphix Engine at http://<Delphix Engine>/login/index.html#serverSetup.
    The Delphix Setup application will launch when you connect to the server.
  2. Enter your sysadmin login credentials, which initially defaults to the username sysadmin, with the initial default password of sysadmin.  
  3. In the Authentication step of the Delphix Setup wizard, check the use SAML/SSO box, and enter the IdP metadata. The IdP metadata is an XML document which must be exported from the application created in your IdP (see Identity Provider Configuration).
  4. Complete the remaining setup steps as usual.

For more information refer to Setting Up the Delphix Engine.