Delphix provides helper scripts to assist customers at various points in the Plugin workflow:

Script usage is optional. Scripts are bundled within the plugin and can be found at:


May be used where a customer has selected External Backups as the basis of a dSource.

This script will transfer the latest full backup and any younger delta backups from a source HANA environment to an intermediate HANA environment. The transferred files will be renamed with the UTC_END_TIME appended to their names.


  • Script assumes the user has access to the production source and an intermediate host which is running a HANA instance. The intermediate host needs to be running HANA so that is discoverable by the HANA 2.0 Plugin.
  • Script must be copied to the source host as the Operating system user with access to hdbsql. The script must be executable.
  • Script requires a public key to be copied from the source host to the intermediate host for the operating system user which has access to the tenant source.
  • Latest backup files must exist on source.
  • Destination directory for files on the intermediate host must exist and match the Operating system username for the running HANA instance.

If the script has completed successfully and the intermediate host has been discovered as a HANA environment, it will be possible to ingest the desired files using the External Backup option of the HANA 2.0 Plugin.


The UTC_END_TIME reflects the moment in time, in UTC, when a HANA tenant backup operation completed. The value is derived from a tenant level query of the table M_BACKUP_CATALOG. The system privilege CATALOG READ is required to access this table.

The Delphix User Interface displays the time at which the backup was captured (snapshotted) on its internal filesystem. This is entirely different to the source tenant database UTC_END_TIME.

The UTC_END_TIME represents a known point in time on a customer database. This point in time may, for example, cover a period prior to or after some major data change. This script provides a method to map the filesystem snapshot time displayed in the User Interface alongside the UTC_END_TIME.


To be installed on the host where the python tool will be run:

  • python package delphixpy
  • python package texttable

The following input is required to run the tool:

  • Delphix Engine fully qualified hostname or IP address
  • Delphix Engine Username with admin privileges
  • Delphix Engine Password
  • dSource name


python <DE> <Username> <Password> <dsource name>

Example of a VDB with four snapshots:

From the Delphix UI:

From the python utility: