The first release of the HANA 2.0 plugin provides two methods to source external data:

  1. Delphix Initiated Backups: The HANA 2.0 Plugin creates full and incremental backups via native HANA SQL statements. On successful completion of SQL files are transported to the Delphix Engine to form a dSource. Subsequent snapshots initiate incremental backups on the source. On completion, incrementals are transferred to the Delphix Engine.
  2. External Backups are used where the creation of HANA Native Backups is handled outside of Delphix. Delphix is able to ingest pre-existing backup files, providing customers with the choice of which backups can be used.

The HANA 2.0 Plugin does not ingest logs. Only Database Backup Files are ingested and used to provision VDBs.

In order to ingest externally created backup files a specific naming convention which includes the HANA UTC_END_TIME must be applied to file names. See linking a dSource and HANA 2.0 Plugin Tools