Understanding Delphix Administrator Requirements

The Delphix Administrator tasks must ensure that four areas of focus oare complete.  This includes meeting all requirements in the prereqs, understanding and using Hostchecker to validate and configure environments, and finally adding the Staging, Source and Target environments to Delphix.  You can find the links for each of these tasks and procedures below.  

1.  Complete Prerequisite Admin Tasks 

 The Delphix Administrator uses a tool called Hostchecker to validate if all systems are properly configured as required.

2. Understand Hostchecker

The HostChecker is a standalone program which validates that host machines are configured correctly before the Delphix Engine uses them as data sources and provision targets.

Please note that HostChecker does not communicate changes made to hosts back to the Delphix Engine. If you reconfigure a host, you must refresh the host in the Delphix Engine in order for it to detect your changes.

You can run the tests contained in the HostChecker individually, or all at once. You must run these tests on both the source and target hosts to verify their configurations. As the tests run, you will either see validation messages that the test has completed successfully, or error messages directing you to make changes to the host configuration.

The procedure Delphix administrators need to perform to validate target database servers using Hostchecker can be found at Using HostChecker to Validate Target Database Servers.

3.  Use Hostchecker Procedure to Validate and Configure Environments

4.  Add your Environments in Delphix

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