Some external database operations, such as upgrading, patching or restoring a source database from backup, will require that the dSource be temporarily disabled. Disabling a dSource turns off communication between it and the source database, but it does not tear down the configuration that enables communication and data updation to take place. When a disabled dSource is later enabled, it will resume communication with the source database according to the original policies and data management configurations that have been set initially.


Disabling a dSource will stop further operations on the Delphix Engine related to the dSource.

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application as admin or another user with administrative privileges.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Datasets.
  4. Select the dSource you want to disable.
  5. In the upper right-hand corner, from the Actions menu (...) select Disable.
  6. In the Disable dialog select Disable.

To enable the dSource again, from the Actions menu (...) select Enable, and the dSource will continue to function as it did previously.

Optionally, the database configuration parameters which were provided during the linking operation could be changed.