This topic describes basic concepts behind the creation of a dSource from PostgreSQL instance.

A dSource is the copy of a physical database that is created when the Delphix Engine links to and loads the database. The Delphix Engine keeps the dSource in sync with the source database in order to facilitate the provisioning of Virtual Databases (VDBs) from the dSource's TimeFlow. While creating a dsource, the Delphix Engine initiates a full database backup of the source database by running pg_basebackup on the staging target. The initial snapshot of the dSource is derived from this backup.

After obtaining the initial snapshot and linking the dSource, the Delphix Engine keeps the staging and the source database in sync by monitoring the source database for new transaction logs on the staging target and then applying those transaction logs on the staging database. PostgreSQL streaming replication protocol is used to achieve data replication between the source database and staging database.

We can also use the source host as a staging host because the PostgreSQL database runs on different ports.