This topic describes how to edit attributes of an environment such as name, host address, ssh port, or toolkit path, as well as describing more advanced attributes for specific data platforms.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Environments.
  4. In the Environments panel, click the name of an environment to view its attributes.
  5. Next to Attributes, click the Pencil icon to edit an attribute.
  6. Click the Check icon to save your edits.

Common Editable Attributes

Environment Users

The users for that environment. These are the users who have permission to ssh into an environment or access the environment through the Delphix Connector. For more information on the environment user requirements, see the Requirements topics for specific data platforms.

Host AddressThe IP address for the environment host
NFS Addresses

The IP addresses from the environment host

If specified, Delphix Engine only allows NFS requests (mount, etc) originated from IP Addresses specified for the host.
If all values in this field are removed then the Delphix Engine will default back to using the Host Address with which the environment was added to the Engine.

Any changes to NFS Address field will take effect only after performing disable and enable on existing dSources and VDBs.

PortEnvironment port
Toolkit PathLocation of the toolkit
NotesAny other information you want to add about the environment

SAP ASE Attributes

DB UserUser for Delphix to use for ASE database operations
DB PasswordCredentials to use for the DB User

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