This topic describes how to manage the operating system (OS) users associated with an environment. For information on providing Delphix-specific users with privileges for groups and database objects, see the topics under Managing Users and Managing Policies.


Users that you add to an environment must meet the requirements for the specific type of environment which you are adding. Read Windows Users and Permissions on Database Servers for more details on each of the environment types.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.

  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Environments.
  4. Click the name of the environment you want to modify and open the environment information screen.
  5. Under Environment Users, click the Plus icon to add a user.
  6. In the Add User dialog enter the Username and Password for the OS user in that environment. Make sure to supply the proper Windows domain with the username.

  7. Click the Add to save the new user.
  8. To change the primary user for this environment, click the Pencil icon next to Environment Users.
  9. To delete a user, click the Trash icon next to their username.

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