This topic describes how delete and suspend system administrators on the Delphix Engine.


  1. Launch the Delphix Setup application and log in using the sysadmin (or another system administrator) credentials.
  2. In the User panel, click the user you want to suspend or delete.
  3. Suspend the user by clicking the pause icon ().
  4. Once the user has been paused you can delete the user by clicking the trash can.
  5. From the Delete User dialog select Delete.

Suspending the sysadmin User

The sysadmin user is a required user for the Delphix Engine. This user cannot be deleted but can be suspended. Suspending the sysadmin user prevents that user from being able to log into Delphix Setup or to the console via ssh. The sysadmin user can still log into the console on the install machine, even if the sysadmin account has been suspended.