This release of the HANA 2.0 plugin provides three methods to source external data:

  1. Delphix-Initiated Backups: The HANA 2.0 Plugin creates full and incremental Native backups via HANA SQL statements during dSource operations. The source environment must be the HANA instance on which the source HANA tenant actually exists. After successful creation of backup files, the resultant backup files are then copied into the Delphix Engine to form a dSource snapshot. Subsequent snapshots initiate incremental backups on the source tenant. 
  2. External Native Backups is a form of backups HANA Native Backups is handled outside of Delphix. The necessary backup files must exist prior to the dSource operation and must be prepared by the customer prior to ingestion by Delphix. The source host need not be the original host of the source tenant - it can be any host with an appropriate HANA installation which has access to the prepared HANA native backup files.
  3. External Commvault Backups is a form of backups where backup activities are managed externally by the customer using Commvault third-party backup tool. The integration of HANA and Commvault must be properly implemented outside of Delphix. Commvault acts as a central repository for the HANA backups, typically hosted on a central Commvault host which is separate from the HANA source host. No other preparation steps are required for the customer to prepare the backup files (unlike External Native Backups)

In order to ingest externally created backup files a specific naming convention which includes the HANA UTC_END_TIME must be applied to file names. See linking a dSource and HANA 2.0 Plugin Tools