This topic describes how to suspend or delete Delphix users, and how to edit user information.

The delphix_admin user

The user named delphix_admin cannot be deleted since this is a user created by the Delphix Engine. However, you can suspend it.

When engines created before 5.3.1 are upgraded to 5.3.1 or later they will retain their old username 'delphix_admin'. To avoid complications Delphix recommends creating users with an admin role and then Disabling delphix_admin.


  1. Launch the Delphix Management application.
  2. Select Manage > Users.
  3. Click the user's name to open the user's profile panel.
  4. Click the disable icon to disable the user.
  5. Click the trash can icon to delete the user.

    Deleting a user cannot be undone.