This topic describes the process of modifying the appsTier topology of a virtual EBS instance.

appsTier Topology Changes Invalidate Rewind

If you modify the appsTier topology of a virtual EBS instance, all snapshots in existence prior to the modification will no longer be valid for rewind. The appsTier topology in the snapshots will no longer match the Delphix Engine's configuration and rewind targeting these snapshots will fail if attempted.


  1. Disable the virtual EBS instance by following the procedure outlined in Enabling and Disabling a Virtual EBS Instance.
  2. Select the appsTier vFiles for your EBS instance.
  3. On the back of the card, modify the EBS-specific parameters for the virtual appsTier.
    This process will normally entail adding or deleting Additional Nodes and configuring its corresponding Services.
  4. Apply the configuration changes by refreshing the entire virtual EBS instance.
    Follow the procedure outlined in Refreshing a Virtual EBS Instance.

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