This topic describes how to monitor the progress of EBS R12.1 appsTier provisioning.

The Delphix Engine automates the configuration of the appsTier during provisioning. It spends the majority of provisioning time running RapidClone utilities such as adcfgclone. The Delphix Engine does not report the progress of RapidClone utilities through the progress of the DB_Provision job. To track provisioning progress more accurately, Delphix recommends monitoring EBS log files generated on the target appsTier environment.


  1. Connect to the target appsTier environment using SSH or an alternative utility.
  2. Change directories to the <INST_TOP>/admin/log/.
    • Replace <INST_TOP> with the value of INST_TOP on the virtual EBS instance.
  3. After adcfgclone has begun running, a file matching ApplyAppsTier_*.log will exist. Identify this log file and use tail or an equivalent utility to monitor it.

Leave the Mount Point Prior to Refresh

If provisioning fails, you will need to fix the cause of the failure and perform a refresh of the dataset before you can attempt configuration again. Prior to refreshing or disabling the dataset, be sure to change directories to a location outside of the mount path on the target environment. If you leave a shell session with a current working directory inside the mount path, the dataset will fail to unmount cleanly during refresh or disable.

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