This topic describes how to gather capacity information from your Delphix Engine. This information includes:

  • dSource Space Breakdown
  • Virtual Object Space Breakdown
  • Total Space


  1. Switch to the capacity system context.

    delphix> capacity system
  2. List the properties of this content.

    delphix capacity system> ls
        type: CurrentSystemCapacityData
            type: CapacityBreakdown
            activeSpace: 940582400B
            actualSpace: 1075381760B
            descendantSpace: 134583808B
            logSpace: 145920B
            manualSpace: 0B
            policySpace: 0B
            syncSpace: 134583808B
            timeflowUnvirtualizedSpace: 7725215744B
            unvirtualizedSpace: 2624235520B
        timestamp: 2015-12-11T11:49:18.998Z
        totalSpace: 25568477184B
            type: CapacityBreakdown
            activeSpace: 176684032B
            actualSpace: 313768448B
            descendantSpace: 0B
            logSpace: 47820288B
            manualSpace: 85958144B
            policySpace: 0B
            syncSpace: 85958144B
            timeflowUnvirtualizedSpace: 5475587584B
            unvirtualizedSpace: 2667149312B

For more information about capacity management in Delphix, visit: An Overview of Capacity and Performance Information.